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Identifying the Best-Performing Teams at Home

Introduction: At, we take pride in providing you with insights and recommendations that can enhance your sports betting experience. When it comes to betting on home wins, we leave no stone unturned in our analysis and research to help you make informed decisions. Our selection criteria are designed to maximize your chances of winning big. Here's how we identify the best-performing teams at home:

Selection Criteria:

League Progression:

We begin our analysis by assessing the progress of the league as a whole, taking into account the overall context in which a team is performing.

1. Home Team Form (Last 10 Games):

We delve into the recent performance of the home team to see how consistent they have been. We examine the results and performance of the team in their last ten games played at home.

2. Points Accumulated at Home:

We calculate the total number of points that the team has accumulated when playing at home. Teams with a strong home record have a higher chance of winning home games.

3. Points Per Game (PPG) at Home:

Our analysis includes the average number of points a team earns per game when playing at home. We focus on teams that have a PPG of 1.8 or higher at home.

4. Goals Scored on Average:

Scoring goals is crucial for winning matches. We consider the average number of goals scored by the home team in their home games.

5. Shots on Target:

A high number of shots on target indicates a strong offensive presence. We analyze this statistic to assess a team's attacking capability at home.

6. Pedigree and Home Advantage:

Teams with a strong historical record at home and a reputation for capitalizing on home advantage receive special attention in our analysis.

7. Head to Head:

We also consider the head-to-head record of the home team against the visiting team. Historical performance can provide valuable insights.

Our Commitment: At, we are dedicated to doing the analysis and research for you. Our mission is to serve you better by providing data-driven insights and recommendations. We understand that success in sports betting depends on informed decisions, and we're here to support your journey.

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